New Financial Year, New Horizons!


As we enter FY25, there’s a mix of nervousness and excitement in the sector – awareness about the rising costs of doing business and, for many, about sustaining funding to enable them to continue to make an impact.

But there’s also excitement about a new consciousness of the role of the social sector, the awareness to be paid what it takes to deliver that impact and increasing innovation and collaboration.

If you’re one of the countless leaders navigating these challenges, remember that Leadership Space is here to support you. Our ability to bring an integrated set of tailored solutions means that you don’t have to have all the answers yourself or do it alone. We can help you to define your strategy and put the systems in place to bring the strategy to life; help you and your leadership team to get on the same page and pull in the same direction; be a private sounding board and coach for your personally or support the Board to go to the next level in the value they deliver to the organisation.

Get in touch for a confidential chat to explore how we could support you and make your goals a reality.

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