Uncharitable is now live streaming


Ten years ago, Dan Pallotta delivered a TED talk that grabbed the attention the world over. It was titled “The Way we Think about Charity is Dead Wrong.” It was provocative and demanded a radical new perspective on the way we think about the social purpose sector.

Fast forward to 2023 and the movie UnCharitable was released by Dan Pallotta to build on this movement and the insights. Initially the documentary could only be accessed through private screenings but last month it officially became accessible to everyone!! It is now streaming on Apple TV+, Google Play, and Youtube and coming soon to Amazon and Vimeo on Demand.

The doco makes the compelling case for why we need to change how we measure success in the nonprofit world and create a more holistic approach that prioritizes impact. If you haven’t yet seen the film, we encourage you to watch it!

Excitingly UnCharitable is now part of a wider movement in Australia to Pay What it Takes and Reframe Overhead. Check out the resources and the conversations to help you strengthen your arguments for why you need investment in capacity. After all, it’s all about impact.

If you’re interested in how we can help you take your organisation from good to great, get in touch!

Watch the movie here ›

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