Bring to life your organisational strategy and potential

We partner to design an effective approach with three critical components:

Diagnosis, Formulation, Breakthroughs diagram - Leadership Space
Diagnosis maps the current state of your people, leadership and culture, including strengths, gaps and blind spots. It sheds light on the core issues, challenges and opportunities.
Formulation shapes the work that will move you reliably, efficiently and effectively towards your future state. It provides the road-map and provides small high-value manageable chunks.
Breakthroughs brings the transformation to life, working with you flexibly and at a pace that is sensitive to you and your context.


Providing you with an informed, independent and insightful snapshot of your culture.

We enable you to gain a rich and independent perspective of what is going on at the level of your organisation’s culture so that you can build a path forward based on a validated understanding of your strengths, opportunities and blind spots. We help you to test key assumptions and establish the linkages between cause and effect. Our integrated approach ensures that individual people don’t become scapegoats, at the expense of important organisational infrastructure such as key processes or systems.



Generating a culture road map so you can move yourself from where you are, to where you want to be.

We work with you to design a program of change that will steadily and incrementally embed new mindsets and behaviours, moving you toward your future. We help you to break the components down, phase them over time, and into projects that fit with the rhythm of your business as usual. With our support, you gain a culture change approach that is pragmatic, effective and ensures accountability to the goal.


Working with you to bring into being the culture transformation you desire.

We work with you and your teams to transform your organisation’s effectiveness, partnering only on those tasks where we can add additional value, and helping you to take carriage of all that you can do internally. Our reflective processes ensure that you keep learning, adapting and reviewing your progress, so that you can sustain your strategic approach to change over time.


Interested in leadership profiling?

We offer a range of insightful and effective tools to support you to choose the right candidate for your leadership role, to support effective relationships between leaders and their managers, and to dial up your own self-awareness and growth as a leader.

“Leadership Space has been supporting Sylvanvale as we steer our way through this very dynamic time in the disability sector, with the introduction of the NDIS. Through individual coaching, team coaching and workshop facilitation, Leadership Space has worked with our Executive Leadership team to support each leader’s personal commitment to greater collaboration and team cohesion. This has enabled our leadership to clearly understand and deliver on the outcomes necessary for our success.”

Leanne Fretten

CEO, Sylvanvale Foundation

“We engaged Leadership Space to facilitate our strategic planning. She gained my trust quickly and brought to the conversations a level of value and insight that included our culture, leadership and strategy. Over a period of 9 months, Elise partnered with myself and the CEO. At the end of this process we have a more cohesive Board and Executive, higher quality leadership relationships, and a strategy that we are deeply excited about and aligned to.”

Louise Thurgood-Phillips

previous Chair, Emanuel Synagogue


Better navigate complexity, keep growing, and deliver exceptional outcomes



Fast track performance and cohesion guided by strategic insight.



Bring to life your organisational strategy and potential.



Get supported, challenged and tooled-up for the challenges you face.