Practical and insightful tools that help you and your team to grow

We provide you with empirically grounded and validated Personality Profiling and Behavioural Assessment tools that can help you and your teams to grow professionally, recruit the right people, and look after your wellbeing.
We select the best tools from around the world and bring them to you in a way that is meaningful, cost effective and appropriate to the social purpose context.

Lumina Spark

Understand yourself more deeply to support your growth with Lumina Spark.

Our flagship assessment that reveals your whole personality, providing a unique portrait of who you really are. Increase self-awareness and reveal hidden potential. Discover practical actions for improved communication, teamwork and leadership.

Lumina Select

Match the right people to the right jobs with Lumina Select.

Find the right people, ask the right questions, uncover hidden potential and avoid costly recruitment errors. Lumina Select is the best in class recruitment tool which helps you match the right people to the right jobs.

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Why use Lumina Select in your Search?
An interview with Rachael McLennan, CEO, People for Purpose

Lumina Team

Embrace different perspectives and enable high performing teaming with Lumina Team.

Clients refer to the Lumina Team experience as a genuine ‘Aha!’ moment. Easy-to-grasp language and impactful visuals instantly highlight the qualities and behaviors within a team. The result is high-performing teams achieving better results.

Human Synergistics – Leadership 360

Providing you with an insightful accessible 360 assessment.

Human Synergistic's 'Life Styles Inventory' (LSI) is the tool of choice if you’re interested in improving your effectiveness as a leader. It offers the ability to compare how you see yourself with how others see you, and to do so within a robust leadership framework. The rich and confidential picture you are provided with transforms self-understanding and acts like a long-term compass for growth and confidence. An invaluable tool for extending performance and growth horizons.


Global Lifestyle Wellbeing Survey (GLWS)

Thrive by boosting your wellbeing.

We provide you with a tool for meaningfully and fully reflecting on your wellbeing. The GLWS is founded on global research on what it takes to be working and living well. This is a multi-dimensional assessment that helps you gain a true picture of your personal sustainability so that you can better support your productivity, vitality and resilience. We provide you with the tool and a personalized coaching session that will help you strategically and intentionally enhance your own flourishing, ease and contentment.

Experience the Lumina Difference

  • No stereotypes

    Lumina does not box, label or number you.

  • Layers of depth

    Lumina measures your underlying, everyday and overextended personas so you can gain insight into how your behaviour changes in different situations.

  • Memorable and practical

    Lumina’s intuitive colours and frameworks quickly become a common language among teams

  • Scalable and sustainable

    With a range of virtual tools Lumina is the perfect tool for our current context and for the social purpose sector, allowing customisable support and growth.

Just a few of the leading social purpose organisations that use Lumina

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