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We proudly partner with Lumina Learning to bring you the next generation of profiling tools

  • Globally Validated
  • Empirically Grounded
  • Statistically Verified
  • Memorable, Powerful and Accessible

Why use Lumina Select in your Search?

An interview with Rachael McLennan, CEO, People for Purpose


Understand yourself more deeply to support your growth with Lumina Spark

Our flagship assessment that reveals your whole personality, providing a unique portrait of who you really are. Increase self-awareness and reveal hidden potential. Discover practical actions for improved communication, teamwork and leadership.


Match the right people to the right jobs with Lumina Select

Find the right people, ask the right questions, uncover hidden potential and avoid costly recruitment errors. Lumina Select is the best in class recruitment tool which helps you match the right people to the right jobs.


Embrace different perspectives and enable high performing teaming with Lumina Team

Clients refer to the Lumina Team experience as a genuine ‘Aha!’ moment. Easy-to-grasp language and impactful visuals instantly highlight the qualities and behaviors within a team. The result is high-performing teams achieving better results.

Helping you to drive individual, team and organisational performance

From hiring, to onboarding, individual development, team performance, and the linking of people to culture and strategy

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    Improve your hiring success rate by selecting candidates who fit the unique needs of your position and culture. Seamlessly integrate these insights into their onboarding plans.

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    Individual Coaching

    Ignite potential and inspire growth. Clients gain a deeper self-awareness and the skills to influence or lead. With our coaching and tools, change comes naturally.

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    Team Effectiveness

    Reduce barriers between team members and enable more authentic connections. Our innovative model makes it easy for teams to embrace different perspectives and ignite high-performing teams.

Experience the Lumina Difference

  • No stereotypes

    Lumina does not box, label or number you.

  • Layers of depth

    Lumina measures your underlying, everyday and overextended personas so you can gain insight into how your behaviour changes in different situations.

  • Memorable and practical

    Lumina’s intuitive colours and frameworks quickly become a common language among teams

  • Scalable and sustainable

    With a range of virtual tools Lumina is the perfect tool for our current context and for the social purpose sector, allowing customisable support and growth.

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Your guide to the new tools available from Lumina Learning for Leadership Space clients

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Just a few of the leading social purpose organisations that use Lumina

“Lumina Spark is a deeper personality assessment than the 5+ profiles I had done over the previous 15 years. What individual team members, including myself, have gained is a common language and a more profound understanding of what is behind our behaviours with each other and our venture partners. The results are impressive.”

David Williams

Executive Director, Ventures & Partnerships, Social Ventures Australia

"Lumina Select was highly valuable and insightful. It sharpened our thinking, helped us ask better questions, and allowed us to understand the potential of their effectiveness in relation to the role. A great confirmation tool of knowing we were progressing with a good fit candidate. We’ll absolutely be using this in future hiring, especially when we’re talking about leadership positions that are so important to get right."

Melinda Phillips

CEO, BackTrack

"It’s one thing to talk about wanting to respect and learn from different personality types in the room, it’s quite another to have the actual tools and insights to put it into practice. The two team workshops helped us get beyond the rhetoric, freed us from platitudes and jargon, and instead were engaging, safe and above all, useful. Big thanks to Leadership Space and Lumina Learning."

Howard Ralley

Launch Housing



Better navigate complexity, keep growing, and deliver exceptional outcomes



Fast track performance and cohesion guided by strategic insight



Bring to life your organisational strategy and potential



Create and implement great adaptive strategy using the intelligence in your people

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