Access globally validated leadership profiling tools to support your learning and growth

Lumina Spark

Understand yourself more deeply to support your growth.

To become an exceptional organisation with great leaders and engaged people requires having tools to reflect on our strengths, understand our diversity and manage our weaknesses and blind spots.

Lumina Spark helps you to gain deeper insight into your strengths, blind spots and growth opportunities as a leader. It enables you to take a fresh look at your preferences and tendencies to inform how you approach your working relationships, decision-making, management, teaming and influencing.

Lumina Spark diagram - Leadership Space

Lumina Select

Match the right people to the right jobs

Lumina Select is a bespoke recruitment tool which helps you identify the right people, ask the right questions, uncover hidden potential and avoid costly recruitment errors.

It responds to the research that shows that personality can account for up to 18% of the variance in job performance: A well-suited personality can contribute to a person’s success in a role, while a poorly-suited personality can be a blocker to success. This approach helps to make your recruitment process more informed.

Human Synergistics (LSI and GSI)

LSI is the tool of choice if you’re interested in improving your effectiveness as a leader. It offers the ability to compare how you see yourself with how others see you, and to do so within a robust leadership framework. The rich and confidential picture you are provided with transforms self-understanding and acts like a long-term compass for growth and confidence. An invaluable tool for extending performance and growth horizons.

GSI is the tool that helps teams to transform their performance. It provides a real-time insight into where effectiveness is occurring, and what levers a team needs to pull to deliver more for their organisation. With a direct line of sight to culture creation, GSI additionally helps leadership teams to understand how to support not just their team, but whole of organisation shifts.


“Lumina Spark is a deeper personality assessment than the 5+ profiles I had done over the previous 15 years. What individual team members, including myself, have gained is a common language and a more profound understanding of what is behind our behaviours with each other and our venture partners. The results are impressive.”

David Williams

Executive Director, Venture Philanthropy, Social Ventures Australia

“I’d like to thank you for the half-day offsite workshop that you did with the team. It was a great session and really useful, and I’d certainly consider using Leadership Space again in the future.”

Antonia Ruffell

CEO, Australian Philanthropic Services

“I recently attended a seminar facilitated by Elise. I was tremendously impressed by the way she was able to succinctly convey the topics and clarify the many ways in which I could make a contribution. The diversity of her experiences and her sensitive manner contributed greatly to each participant walking away motivated, informed and inspired. I am particularly grateful to Elise for highlighting the value of my personal purpose as a means to engage with others. I have no hesitation in recommending Elise.” 


“Elise has a flair for delivering a really good mix of teaching and interactive exercises. As both a facilitator and coach she is very effective. She is engaging and professional and brings deep experience and passion. I gained valuable context and insight, and would highly recommend her.” 


“Elise is a born facilitator and coach. Combining deep emotional intelligence with a knowledge of and passion for social impact leadership, Elise enables emerging and established leaders to become more effective and purposeful in achieving their goals. I’d work with her again in a heartbeat.” 

Janine Hoffman

former General Manager, Centre for Social Impact

"Lumina Select was highly valuable and insightful. It sharpened our thinking, helped us ask better questions, and allowed us to understand the potential of their effectiveness in relation to the role. A great confirmation tool of knowing we were progressing with a good fit candidate. We’ll absolutely be using this in future hiring, especially when we’re talking about leadership positions that are so important to get right."

Melinda Phillips

General Manager, BackTrack

“The personal leadership workshop was so insightful. It provided me with a fantastic opportunity to more deeply understand my own leadership style.”

Novela Corda

Key into Sydney












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