A simple tool for quickly increasing your presence

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Mindfulness practices improve brain functioning, creativity and resilience. They help us manage huge workloads and still sleep at night!

Clearing the Space is a simple technique and takes 2 minutes.

  1. Notice what ‘mental programs’ are open. If your mind was a computer you’d have a bunch of open programs. Choose the first program that comes to mind and give it a name. E.g. Next Board Meeting. It can be big or small. It’s about how much mind space it’s occupying.
  2. Label the emotion attached. For the first ‘program’ you selected identify the dominant emotion. It might be positive like excitement or unpleasant like anxiety. We do this because research shows that giving our emotions a label immediately settles our limbic system.
  3. Tell your brain what you’d like it do with that ‘program’. You now want to point your brain at your goal which is all the programs closed down except what you are doing next. A simple statement might be, ‘I’m going to shut that down now’.

If you feel calmer or more present do it again within 24 hours and that way you will remember it.

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