Create and implement great adaptive strategy using the intelligence in your people

Strategy Development

Helping you generate strategic plans that were built to be deployed.

We regularly see strategic plans that are just too complicated for anyone to follow. Our approach is to provide you with a simple structure and ensure the rigour, creativity and agility is in the thinking that underpins it.

We also aim to make what we’re doing with you as transparent and transferable as possible, so that you walk away from the strategic process not just with a plan you love and everyone gets, but with additional strategic capability and insight.

Our decades of experience in the social purpose sector means that you know you’re creating something that’s best in class and that leverages off a global perspective and knowledge base.


Strategy Facilitation

Drawing out the wisdom from you and those who care about your success.

Strategic planning workshops are a critical chance to strengthen your executive team, engage your Board, and bring your stakeholders closer together.

We work with you to figure out what the wider strategic gains are that you need to achieve, and weave these into your workshops so that you achieve at least two outcomes in one. We’re able to add this extra value courtesy of a core skill set as coaches and facilitators.

It means you can rely on us to help those that need to be part of the process to articulate their contributions in constructive and insightful ways, harness the diversity of perspectives and opinions, and support everyone to break new thinking horizons.

Program Logic

Knowing what you do, why you do it, and being able to tell that story in a compelling way.

It is not unusual to hear people within social purpose organisations say that they don’t really understand what impact the organisation is trying to have or what it really does. Or that they think the organisation is trying to do too much with too little or that it’s spread too thin.

These are often signs that the organisation has grown up with a focus on the activities it delivers and the overarching ‘impact’ story has been lost or has drowned in the busyness.

Symptoms of this are ‘bottom up’ planning, where the strategy is an amalgamation of what everyone has on their To Do list for the year. Program Logic (which is a Theory of Change tool), is a powerful way to step back and get everyone on the same page. We do it quickly and collaboratively so that we have a firm and aligned strategic starting point.


Strategy Deployment

Walking beside you for the hard part of bringing strategy to life

Once you’ve got your strategic plan and everyone’s excited about making it happen, the hard yards start of actually working strategically day in and day out. We support you as you transition into full adoption of the strategic plan – from embedding a system that ensures you are tracking your progress, to nutting through the roadblocks that emerge with implementation, to being a sounding board when the context changes and more agility or innovation is required than you expected. It’s about knowing you’ve got a partner for the adaptive challenges that inevitably arise as you bring your plans come to life.

“Leadership Space has been supporting Sylvanvale as we steer our way through this very dynamic time in the disability sector, with the introduction of the NDIS. Through individual coaching, team coaching and workshop facilitation, Leadership Space has worked with our Executive Leadership team to support each leader’s personal commitment to greater collaboration and team cohesion. This has enabled our leadership to clearly understand and deliver on the outcomes necessary for our success.” 

Leanne Fretten

CEO, Sylvanvale Foundation

“Leadership Space was formative in a time of change and transition at Brisbane Powerhouse. The combination of personality profiling, a team workshop and then ongoing coaching for the leadership team was critical in not only setting strategic direction but maintaining our focus on getting there. They have the right mix of NFP understanding, expert facilitation tools and a gentle/firm touch, depending on what was needed.”

Fiona Maxwell

CEO, Brisbane Powerhouse

"Thank you for your brilliant work facilitating our strategic planning workshop. It was an exhilarating day, challenging in all the right ways, and your ability to keep our energy focussed, the conversations flowing, and then to distill them with such clarity is outstanding. It was exciting to feel a room full of people working so well together, acknowledging the transformative changes that are essential for our ongoing survival and relevance. We feel very fortunate to be working with you."

Genevieve Lacey

Chair, Australian Music Centre

“We engaged Leadership Space to facilitate our strategic planning. She gained my trust quickly and brought to the conversations a level of value and insight that included our culture, leadership and strategy. Over a period of 9 months, Elise partnered with myself and the CEO. At the end of this process we have a more cohesive Board and Executive, higher quality leadership relationships, and a strategy that we are deeply excited about and aligned to.”

Louise Thurgood-Phillips

Emanuel Synagogue (previous Chair)

“A fantastic facilitation job. You listened, engaged, adapted and connected deeply and that was before we got to the two-day off-site! You then did an excellent job facilitating the large and diverse group. We’re really grateful that you helped us nail what it was we were striving for – to bring people together with a positive energy and culture with a commitment to working together into the future.”

Professor Kristy Muir

CEO, Centre for Social Impact

“A wonder to work with. Simple, smart and fast, with great quality outcomes!”

Kathy Packenas

Acting CEO, Asthma Australia


Better navigate complexity, keep growing, and deliver exceptional outcomes



Fast track performance and cohesion guided by strategic insight



Bring to life your organisational strategy and potential



Create and implement great adaptive strategy using the intelligence in your people

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