Fast track performance and cohesion guided by strategic insight

Strategy Facilitation

Helping you to generate strategic plans with engaged leaders.

We help you to become an organisation that is strategically informed, enabled and responsive.

Our work with you is tailored to your strategic needs, whether that be to define your theory of change, develop a plan, translate direction into implementation, refresh your plan, or sustain the ability to think and act strategically over the course of a plan.

Our value is appropriate for those who want to generate a strategic plan that is both insightful and robust and that has high levels of buy-in and alignment from the people who will lead and implement it. We support the planning and preparation phase, design and facilitate the workshops, pull together the strategic framework, and prepare for operationalising the plan.

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Team Forming

Enabling you to fast-track through the forming phase so that your team can get on with performing.

We partner with you when new people are joining your team to support you and the team to quickly and productively move through the forming phase and into a cohesive and intentional leadership and team culture.

As a team you gain a leadership framework that enhances your collective focus, accountabilities and processes, reinforced by a common growth-oriented language.

With a sound understanding of your collective strengths, diversity and blind spots, you have the interpersonal infrastructure required for robust and quality communication and decision-making.

Team Effectiveness

Supporting your team into its next level of effectiveness so you can lead growth and change.

We work with you to help take your team’s effectiveness to the next level, leveraging off the big issues that your organisation faces, and modelling the culture it requires.

We help you to revisit, reset or define your leadership framework and gain a deeper understanding of the interpersonal dynamics that are supporting peak performance.

The result is a team that is efficient and cohesive, modeling best practice culture for the rest of the organisation with lived experiences of solving critical business issues in new and refreshing ways.


Conflict Transformation

Helping you and those you work with to move through conflict and into constructive disagreement.

Constructive conflict is a sign of team health. It is very common however for conflict to either be stymying creativity and innovation, or at the other extreme, a fear of conflict and the knowledge that conflict is not done well, to be holding a team, or particular individuals on a team, back.

We help individuals and teams to establish a robust ability for constructive conflict, repairing trust and re-setting individual relationships to support the team and organisation’s culture.


Interested in leadership profiling?

We offer a range of insightful and effective tools to support you to choose the right candidate for your leadership role, to support effective relationships between leaders and their managers, and to dial up your own self-awareness and growth as a leader.

“It was such a pleasure to work with Leadership Space to ensure our Strategic Planning Day was a success. Their friendly and efficient approach, combined with a structured and logical format, ensured that the whole team was engaged and that we produced excellent outcomes that will enable us to put a coherent and achievable strategic plan into practice.”

Clive Miller

CEO, Support Act

“Prior to going through the program logic process however we struggled to identify and articulate both our theory of change and our organisation’s central value proposition. Over the last 3 months this process has helped us review and re-evaluate several core assumptions that were both un-examined and unhelpful.

Elise’s strength as a facilitator is matched by her incredible value as a mentor and she skilfully used the program logic model to strategically reposition our organisation to rest more solidly upon our innate strengths. I highly recommend the process to any organisation seeking to pause and sharpen the saw.”

Jimi Wollumbin

CEO, One Health Organisation

“Leadership Space was formative in a time of change and transition at Brisbane Powerhouse. The combination of personality profiling, a team workshop and then ongoing coaching for the leadership team was critical in not only setting strategic direction but maintaining our focus on getting there. They have the right mix of NFP understanding, expert facilitation tools and a gentle/firm touch, depending on what was needed.”

Fiona Maxwell

CEO, Brisbane Powerhouse

"Over the last 18 months we have worked extensively to develop our strategic direction and to facilitate a number of key executive staff interactions. Elise is highly professional and brought experience, energy and clarity to the tasks assigned to her.

She was able to articulate the issues succinctly and keep us moving towards a meaningful and useful set of decisions. She has a deep understanding of the not-for-profit sector and I have no hesitation in recommending her."

Jonathan Harris

Chair, Woodbury Autism and Education

“We just did in 1 day, what would have taken us 6 months”.

Marcus Watson


“Thank you 3 times-over for facilitating TFN’s team development day. As we charge forward, I think we will later reflect on this day as a cultural moment for our team. It was just the right balance of useful and emotional, accelerating our chances of gelling and working together successfully.”

Tom Hull

General Manager, The Funding Network (TFN)

“Leadership Space has provided team and individual coaching to members of the C&K Executive Leadership Team over the past 3 years. In a complex and rapidly changing environment the support to the executive team has been instrumental to our success as a team and individually as we work to address ‘wicked questions’, high workloads and complex change."

Michael Tizard

CEO, The Creche and Kindergarten Association

“Leadership Space has been our partners in a whole-of-organisation cultural change process. Through individual coaching, team coaching and workshop facilitation, Leadership Space has worked across all levels of Artbank. Barb has been pivotal in this process by supporting our people to build a stronger culture of personal empowerment and collaborative engagement to achieve the outcomes necessary for Artbank’s success.” 

Tony Stephens

former Director, Artbank

“The work with Leadership Space guided the team to reflect more deeply on how we work with our venture partners, learning from our 15-year legacy. At the level of individual team members, including myself, we gained a deeper personality assessment than the 5 plus profiles I had done over the previous 15 years. The result was impressive. We now have a common language and a more profound understanding of what is behind our behaviours with each other and as we work with our venture partners.” 

David Williams

Executive Director, Venture Philanthropy, Social Ventures Australia (SVA)

“Elise worked with Milk Crate Theatre on our Board Review. We gained a clear and united view of the kind of person and skills we wanted and needed with regards to a new Chairperson. The one-on-one interviews with Directors provided great value, highlighting areas the board needed to resolve and agree on as a team, as well as gaps and opportunities to further strengthen the organisation. The facilitated workshop clarified our position on key issues and introduced us to useful frameworks to extend our strategic thinking. Thanks for partnering with us on this work.”

Angus White

former Chair, Milk Crate Theatre & Chair, Vincent Fairfax Ethics in Leadership Foundation.

“Leadership Space facilitated a sharpened awareness of our needs as a Board. Before the review we were focused on governance and processes but understood our industry was facing a paradigm shift in service delivery, culture and competition. Now we’re really talking about leadership and how we fulfill this. The project gave us a wake-up call and initiated the first steps needed to commence the change. I feel so much more energised now. It was valuable time out to reflect and we now have a clear picture of success for ourselves as a Board and are on that journey. Elise did a fantastic job.”

Wendy Miller

Board Director, Holdsworth Community Services, previously CFO Benevolent Society

“Elise constantly challenged me throughout my coaching process and guided me to work on personal and professional behaviours that need improvement. She has inspired me to become more of an active and engaged learner during both group and individual settings and encouraged me to generate my own ideas and solutions rather than providing these to me. I have felt valued and supported throughout the coaching process.”

Kim Douglas

former General Manager, Marketing and Communications, Creche & Kindergarten Association

“This year's strategy conference facilitated by Leadership Space was by far the best of the four I have organised since 2010. This was confirmed by others who had attended all. Thank you for your enormous energy and professionalism.”

Rolf Duelks



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Fast track performance and cohesion guided by strategic insight



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