YHA Australia – a case study of revenue and purpose growth


Love this interview with our client, YHA Australia.

This is a great example of what we mean when we talk about steering social purpose organisations through growth and change.

YHA’s transformation has been on two fronts:

1.     The commercial side: They’ve revitalised their brand, embraced cutting-edge technology, upgraded facilities and made strategic refinancing decisions.

2.     The social purpose side: YHA has redefined its theory of change and built strategic muscle around it, embraced values-based leadership, and is nurturing a purpose-driven culture.

This powerful fusion of #purpose and #performance is enabling YHA to reinvent itself into a thriving and relevant organisation.

At the heart of this journey is CEO Paul McGrath. Notable in Paul is his humility and commitment to relentless personal growth. His attitude around his team and the organisation is no different: real time is set aside for team development and collective strategic thinking. Offsites are facilitated, the agenda is always personal and organisational growth. It’s culture of high support, high challenge that models that it’s OK to be a bit uncomfortable when you’re becoming all that you can be.

For us at Leadership Space, our clients like YHA are so exciting because they are modelling what it means when we talk about a thriving social purpose economy. They embrace commercial health together with an unwavering commitment to making a targeted and meaningful positive impact on the world.

Kudos to YHA and Paul McGrath for the remarkable transformation journey they are on!

Exclusive: YHA Australia CEO Paul McGrath on redefining the brand for the ‘curious traveller’

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