Mel is our quiet achiever. If you have had an offsite coordinated or an insightful analysis of your Team’s Lumina profile shared with you, then you have benefited from the time and thoughtfulness of Mel.

For our team at Leadership Space, Mel is our ballast and our glue. She is competent, organised and reliable. Her ability to keep track of four coach-facilitators across anywhere up to twenty-five clients at a time, with all the moving parts of coaching sessions, workshops, proposals and invoicing leaves us all in awe. That she does this with grace, good humour, patience and kindness even when we muddle the instructions, forget to keep her in the loop, or all just fall prey to our own and our client’s endless moving schedules is a source of constant gratitude.

After four years we have also all learned that when Mel offers her observations, they are unassuming but deeply perceptive and absolutely on point.

Thank you, Mel, for all of who you are and what you bring!!

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