TEAM SPOTLIGHT Senior Coach-Facilitator, Sarit Vandegraaff PCC

Sarit Rectangle Headshot
You know that moment when you cross paths with someone fabulous who wants to work with you?  Even if you didn’t think you were looking before, now you’re interested!

That was the case when Sarit met Elise back in 2019. On a Thursday they had coffee and by the following week, Sarit was being onboarded. What struck Elise back then about Sarit was a magical combination of interpersonal warmth, deep coaching and facilitation knowledge and skill, a drive for social purpose, and a relentless appetite for learning and growth.

Four years on, and Sarit is very much an elder in the Leadership Space team. She moves effortlessly between co-facilitating with each member of the team, designing and delivering leadership programs and partnering with our clients on major transformation projects across leadership, strategy and culture. Always grounded in the craft of the coach, Sarit knows coaching ethics and practice inside and out and is a powerful practitioner.

Sarit’s list of dedicated client supporters includes organisations and leaders from Human Rights, International Development, Science & Research, Children and Youth Services, First Nations-led and many more.

As Dr Emma Fulu, CEO of The Equality Institute so beautifully put it, they appreciated both her “deep expertise and wisdom on inclusive leadership” and her “unique understanding of how to balance for purpose with sustainability.” Described by her colleagues as filled with integrity, authenticity, insight and empathy we couldn’t imagine a life or Leadership Space without her.

A warm hug of appreciation, for our magnificent Sarit!

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