The CEO Moment: Leadership for a new era


We read this thoughtful article from the folks at McKinsey, and agree that times have changed for leaders. Like McKinsey we’ve been intensively counselling CEO’s since the pandemic first hit. Their comment that “a great CEO will see that this moment is a unique opportunity for self-calibration, with profound implications for the organization” really fits.

We are seeing an unprecedented level of widespread courage and vision with leaders unlocking change at a pace and magnitude they never could have considered prior. This has rippling consequences for the sector when you consider their research that links making “bold moves” as a CEO to organisational performance.

Echoing, synthesising and building on their article, here’s our thoughts for social purpose leaders:

  • Look hard at what changes you can adopt more quickly than you otherwise would; as they say “it’s often not technical limits but mindsets, policies and bureaucratic chains of command” that are the limitations
  • Celebrate what’s being achieved and consider how to stretch for more in terms of rethinking and reimagining potential – from team building, to virtual meetings to compliance and service delivery
  • Reflect on the changes you are making to the way decision-making takes place and how structure operates and give yourself the freedom to keep extending that flexibility
  • Keep being yourself in ways that never would have been possible before – vulnerability, connection, valuing purpose and the wholistic-ness of a good life, the preciousness of time. Live it yourself, inspire and strengthen it in your people and culture, and embrace and include your stakeholders in it
  • Strengthen your peer networks. The kind of “pressurized operating environment” we’re operating is not one to do alone. Not only is it unsustainable but it limits your ability to reform yourself in new and freeing ways.

If McKinsey is right…

“this CEO moment has the potential to become a movement—one that could create higher-achieving, more purposeful, more humane, and better-connected leaders”

If we manage that, we will have collectively made this shocking crisis into an opportunity for future generations.

Read the full article HERE.

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