Running an offsite in 2020

This year has been hard and for some of us it all feels a bit difficult to gather the team for an offsite of some kind. This year however, perhaps more than most deserves a pause and reflect. The return on the time spent is the opportunity gain some individual spaciousness, reconnect or recover as a team, and to harvest the learnings of all the change for our organisations. If we reflect, 2020 becomes a source of growth.

BackTrack – Partnering for leadership and growth

Bernie Shakeshaft is Founder and CEO of BackTrack, an organisation that gets young people ‘back on track’ by developing strong, happy & healthy foundations that result in positive life pathways and full participation in their communities. One night, at a Macquarie Foundation event, Bernie was introduced to Elise Sernik by a mutual colleague, Lisa Cotton. …

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The CEO Moment: Leadership for a new era

We are seeing an unprecedented level of widespread courage and vision with leaders unlocking change at a pace and magnitude they never could have considered prior. This has rippling consequences for the sector when you consider their research that links making “bold moves” as a CEO to organisational performance.

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