Hot tip for better communication

October 23, 2017

I recently spent 2 days immersed in Non-Violent Communication (NVC) and for those who haven’t been exposed to it, this is to share just one gem from the approach that you can use right away.  NVC is fascinating because it has been used for such diverse purposes – from warring tribes in Africa, to racially tense schools, […]

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5 tips for creating a more strategic board

May 12, 2016

Many leaders want to create a better board for their organisation but are stumped as to Chair CEO cogshow to go about it. We talked to five leaders and asked them to share their tips.

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7 tips for a purpose-driven job search

September 17, 2015

Here are seven ways to turn your career change into a purpose-driven job searches. These are the practices that turn a transition from a lowlight to a highlight in their careers. Article by Aaron Hurst, author of the Purpose Economy.

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Making executive transitions work

August 24, 2015

Why is there an increase executive-level transitions between the commercial and social purpose sectors? We look at this appointment phenomenon, what the benefits and challenges are, and how to achieve successful outcomes.

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Directors, unleash the power of your story

August 3, 2014

“Purpose comes when we know we have done something that we believe matters, to others, to society, and to ourselves.” This article explores the untapped potential in connecting to the power of purpose – at an individual and organisational level.

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5 keys to contributing positively to the sector

June 22, 2014

For many, there’s a culture shock in moving between the not for profit and the commercial worlds. How can we facilitate a more effective movement of talent and skills between the sectors?

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