Align governance to your strategy

We support your Board to move to its next level of potential, remaining accountable to your stakeholders, thoughtful about its impact and most importantly informed and strategic about its operations, composition, and performance.


Meaningfully evaluate.

We support your Board to gain a true and accurate picture of what is present in your governance and internal functioning and, most critically, the degree to which your Board and Directors are meeting the needs and expectations of your stakeholders, including your CEO and senior executives.

Our Board Review process is tailored so that it is right sized to your needs, bringing you insightful data so that you can nuance your governance approach to deliver maximum value to the organisation under your care. Clients say they particularly appreciate the respectful and sensitive way we engage with their Board bringing strengths-based, insight-driven principles.


The skills matrix you need.

Your Board plays a crucial role in your organisation’s ability to bring your strategy to life. We help you to take a strategic approach to who you bring onto your Board next, by identifying the mix of skills, expertise, networks, and mindsets which you most need as you evolve. We roll out a simple consultation process which is engaging and efficient, arming you with a Board Composition strategy which you can then use to chart your evolution over the next period. Critical moments in time for this process include after strategic planning, or when your Chair or several or key Directors are moving off the Board.


Reflect and strengthen.

As your organisation grows and changes, the demands on, and aspirations of your Board evolve. We help you to step out of the everyday and reflect and realign your Board so it is positioned for your emerging future. We facilitate online, offsite and Board workshops to enable critical conversations to take place in a structured and informed way.

Relevant topics include the shifting roles of the Board vis-a-vis the Executive, leveraging individual Director strengths and diversity, modelling the culture, and maximising the Board's value add back to the organisation and community. Our engagements with Boards respect the unique contribution that Directors make and the sensitivity of their time, along with the gravitas of their responsibility.

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