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We facilitate strategic planning and theory of change for you so that everyone in your organisation knows where you are going and why. We ensure that you can articulate your deeper purpose in compelling ways, have a meaningful way of prioritising your work - grounded in what matters for impact, and that the process itself is tailored, efficient and energising.


Your powerful impact narrative.

We recommend that all social purpose organisations develop or affirm their ‘theory of change’ as part of their strategic planning or as a stand-alone activity at the program or organisational level. This foundational thinking sets the stage for productive strategic plan development and helps to bring all your stakeholders on the journey of impact that your organisation is uniquely committed to.

Clients tell us they love doing Theory of Change with us because we are practical and experienced and don’t over-cook the process. In just a few short hours, we support your Board and Executive to articulate your unique purpose in a way that is rigorous, energising, and strategically useful, giving your organisation a powerful narrative that everyone can refer to.


A plan to guide you.

Having a sound strategic plan is one of the most critical determinants of your organisation’s success, particularly during growth and change. We facilitate strategic planning both online and in person, either with your Board and/or Executive team. We work with you to design a process that is collaborative and efficient, so that everyone who needs to execute the plan is appropriately brought on the journey.

The output of our strategy facilitation is a plan on a page that everyone can understand, and which is grounded in insights that drive meaningful social impact given your unique context. We work with you to ensure that your plan contains everything you need to guide your work for the next period, including your goals, success measures, and the most critical initiatives you will need to pursue, over a timeline that makes strategic sense.


Putting the plan into action.

One of the great risks of strategic planning is that you develop the plan, but don’t have a simple and meaningful way to track and engage with the rolling out of the strategy’s execution. If strategic planning is to drive strategic thinking, then a useful process is required which provides visibility of how this implementation is going, and to surface the areas where discussion is required.

We bring you resources that work and help you tailor them to your needs, ensuring that the good work you did in planning is brought to life over time.

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