Facilitating Personal Leadership in the age of COVID-19

August 12, 2020

This is a slightly lyrical short story about a workshop I facilitated amidst the jangling context of COVID19. I offer it as a way to share the energy these workshops create and hope you feel nourished by the ripples of connection and reflective space.

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Righting our ship in the time of COVID

April 15, 2020

Inside our team we’ve been sharing how each of us has been impacted by the current events of COVID19. What has been lovely are the gems that emerge – tips and phrases that feel supportive and insightful. Here is some of what we’ve found helpful for each other: Put your own oxygen mask on first: Most […]

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Elise Sernik - webinar

Webinar: First 90 Days – Make it the key to your success

August 30, 2018

What goes on in the first 90 days that is so critical? And how do we equip everyone to thrive and succeed?   In this webinar which was recorded and distributed by our friends at Better Boards we give you the inside track on what creates success, how to spot the signs of sickness setting […]

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Lightbulbs - Leadership Space

Striving for Team Effectiveness

May 15, 2018

I was recently speaking to a major funder about team effectiveness. It’s an area that can make such a difference to enjoyment at work and the performance of the whole organisation, especially if it’s the top teams doing the work. Our team effectiveness framework is one of the tools we find resonates with management teams and boards and it’s our […]

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6 easy tips for changing the world

November 13, 2017

Earlier this year I sat listening transfixed and changed, to Muhammad Yunus. His unique and personal perspective was so wise and rich that I vowed to not to just add ‘write an article on Yunus’ to my overburdened To Do list. Yunus was a professor from the densely populated, and dangerously low lying land of […]

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3 tips to evolve your organisational culture

October 23, 2017

Social purpose organisations have examples of wonderful cultures, average places to work, and awful ones. One of the great things about organisations in this part of the economy is that by and large the mission is wonderful. So a useful question to ask about culture can be: “Are our behaviours helping us to achieve our mission and […]

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