The Rigour of Purpose in Governance

August 1, 2022

This year we embarked on a relationship with The Observership Program as one of their delivery partners. If you haven’t heard of The Observership Program, then it’s worth checking them out. They connect emerging leaders from all walks of life with for-purpose Boards. The ‘Observers’ join the Board for a year, delivering as much value […]

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Are you leading for Change or for Innovation?

July 19, 2022

Earlier this year one of our favourite people on the planet, BrenéBrown, spoke with leadership expert Dr. Linda Hill about Leading with Purpose in the Digital Age. What was most interesting to us about the interview was the distinction that Dr. Hill made between Leading for Change versus Leading for Innovation. As Linda articulated beautifully, […]

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Psychological Safety – two key behaviours

November 23, 2021

Understanding what Psychological Safety is and isn’t, and how to take responsibility for looking after it, is a really good investment in people and culture. It’s a protection against blame setting in and a salve for the finger pointing that often quickly emerges when an organisation and its people are under stress – whether that’s from the pandemic, from strategic shifts or just the normal cut and grind of organisational change and growth. 

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Making Founder Successions Work

September 9, 2021

Around the sector some of the most innovative social purpose organisations are led by Founders. The article below, published by Stanford Social Innovation Review from the work of Bridgespan is a great summary and well worth the read and it chimes with our experience in the Australian social purpose sector. One notable thing about our […]

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Should you be making the case for an Investment Budget?

June 10, 2021

Are you a Board or Leadership Team thinking about your budget? If you are, there’s a decent chance you’re looking at a deficit budget now or down the line. If you’re like most of the sector you’re striving to achieve a balanced or small surplus – it reduces risk and ensures sustainability. It is informed […]

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How do I make my feedback more effective?

April 9, 2021

Last year HBR released an article that really resonated with us. The crux of the article is summarised in this line. “It turns out feedback does not help employees thrive”. Bam. Well, that’s unfortunate! But it’s not all bad news. As the article underscores, understanding the neuroscience and having a coaching mindset are key foundations […]

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