Career spotlight: A roadmap for changes


If you’ve been feeling like you want to reflect on your career trajectory then this segment is for you.  After years of supporting successful professionals to transform their careers we thought it was time to share our roadmap.

These steps are designed to help you change career direction / step up where you are / or flex your entrepreneurial muscle:


  1. Vision – It starts here. Ask yourself, Do I believe that I have a unique and special gift to offer the world? If I did, what might that be? What really lights me up?
  2. Audit – A kite needs to be tethered to the ground. Ground the dream in a really solid audit of what you love, who you like being with, and how you want to live your life.
  3. Translate – Telling your story is powerful and it starts with the one you tell yourself. When you have a narrative that feels honest and resonates about what you stand for and where you want to go it is incredible how vistas unseen before begin to open up.  
  4. Pitch – Now you need a way to clearly and succinctly communicate what you want to people who can help you to achieve it. You’ll need a few versions of this: a coffee script, something for LinkedIn, perhaps a CV and cover letter, depending what you’re after. Be courageous and authentic. 
  5. Connect– Relationships are a key driver of success for career development. This step is about identifying who is in your tribe and how you will grow and nurture your ideal network of relationships. When you find the joy in this step, you know you’re getting warm.
  6. Dazzle – Once you’re ‘in the room’ it is all about how you show up. It helps to remind yourself of both your value already, but also your commitment to ongoing growth and learning. This supports curiosity which allows for openness, flexibility and the discovery of the unexpected. 
  7. Mindset – Running through the whole journey is the mindset that sustains you. Have a strategy to enable you to come back to your courage, sustain your accountability, and process the decision making.


Like all important tasks, invigorating your career path takes some focus. In our busy lives, it requires holding back the tide of urgent tasks, so that important things get proper space. The returns of course are incredible, which is what makes it worth it.

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