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We recently attended the private launch of the inspirational documentary Uncharitable and couldn’t agree more with its powerful message.
Based on the book and subsequent 2013 TED Talk by Dan Pallotta, Uncharitable is a journey into the heart of not-for-profits. It explores the challenges they face, the incredible work they do and highlights the critical role of leadership development and capacity building in their success.
One of the core questions that the documentary explores is whether training and development budgets is money well spent. Uncharitable, presents compelling evidence that investing in the professional development of individuals working in the social sector can yield significant returns.
But this concept is not limited to the movie; it is backed by research and real-world examples. We’ve previously gathered evidence that investing in your people will help your effectiveness and sustainability.
Uncharitable is a timely reminder of the value of capacity building. The movie launches in the US and Canada this month.
Watch the trailer here: and stay tuned for
announcements for the Australian launch!

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