Celebrating our Senior Coach & Facilitator, Barb Barkley, PCC


For the first five years of Leadership Space, it was just Elise and Barb. If you’ve been around since then, you’ll know Elise affectionately and humorously referred to Barb as her ‘work wife’. The partnership was real. When Elise had her second child, Barb held the reins of the business and all the clients. These qualities of loyalty, generosity and care are frequently mentioned by the leaders who work with Barb.

But when clients remark, as many did at one of our 10th Anniversary gatherings, that they’re “not going into any new role without Barb at my side”, they’re referring to more than these qualities.

As the CEO of Karitane saidin this edition’s Case Study, it’s the “guidance and wisdom” along with the support, that makes Barb so appreciated. As we look back over our last ten years, the list of organisations that have been supported through transformation by Barb is exceedingly long and spans every domain of the sector – from the Arts, to Disability, to International Development, to Aboriginal lead organisations and more.

Barb moves with care, skill and intentionality between coaching, strategy, team development and board reviews. As a team we deeply benefit from Barb and her grounded thinking. Her courage and her flashes of insight make this one incredibly valuable and well-rounded colleague.

We wouldn’t be Leadership Space without Barb, so as we turn the corner into our next ten years, this is to celebrate Barb Barkley!

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