Hot tip for better communication


I recently spent 2 days immersed in Non-Violent Communication (NVC) and for those who haven’t been exposed to it, this is to share just one gem from the approach that you can use right away. 

NVC is fascinating because it has been used for such diverse purposes – from warring tribes in Africa, to racially tense schools, to executives.

The question that captures its intention is one we can all adopt as we move through our days:

“How can I make my life and your life, more wonderful through our interaction?”

It is a brave call to proactively create more mutuality, understanding and positive outcomes from connecting with each other. The simplified model is OFNR.

O – Describe the Observation

F – name our Feelings

N – tap into the common human Need beneath the ‘story’

R – and make a clear Request.

It’s a great tool to experiment with for your next tough conversation.

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