What does culture mean for Leadership Space?

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Recently, as we introduced Leadership Space to a group of social enterprises, a Founder CEO posed a question that had never been asked in our decade-long journey: “How would you describe your culture?”

We have always been clear at Leadership Space that what we are sharing with our clients is what we’ve practiced as people and as a team, so when Elise, our Founder responded it came out as a gush of love and pride.

Part of her answer was a reference to our values of courage, rigour, joy and potential. We refer to them regularly, they empower and lift us up. But there is more. These we think of as the ‘big rocks’ of our culture:

1. Unity of Purpose: We care deeply about the greater good for society and humanity and believe in the sector’s role in transformation. When the edges of what we do get murky, we debate them.

2. Feedback Vitality: We raise our hands for input and advice regularly, and proactively offer it in return. We recognise the enriching dance of giving and receiving that nurtures our growth.

3. Trust as Foundational: We understand that trust forms the bedrock of our relationships, interactions, and collaborations. We make hard choices to look after this high trust environment.

4. Meeting is cohesion: We proactively shape meetings around connection and belonging alongside the tactical, practical and strategic. We flow between remote, hybrid and in person without missing a beat.

5. Decision-Making reinforces trust: Information is shared freely to facilitate well-informed decisions. Decision making is actively decentralised, and debate happens where it’s needed.

What aspects of your culture do you embrace without hesitation? What makes you gush with pride? It’s a powerful exercise to articulate these as a team, and work that we love facilitating and strengthening.

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