The Observership Program

Observership Melbourne

Why is awareness of personal purpose critical for board directors?

How does purpose support and get in the way of social purpose organisations’ effectiveness?

What is #theoryofchange and how as a #BoardDirector, can you spot when your Theory of change needs attention?

These were some of the topics of our dynamic seminar with the Melbourne cohort of Board Observers for The Observership Program on 25th August.

Now in our second year of delivering the program Barb Barkley PCC and I enjoyed bringing the topic to life with diverse case studies drawn from our hundreds of projects with Boards.

My favourite parts of the evening?
– The noise from the group as they dove into pair and table discussions
– Being told that a number of people declared they had to leave early at the start of the session and changed their minds and stayed!
– The insightfulness of the group in plenary discussions, creating a room abuzz with sharing and connection.

And of course co-facilitating with the beautiful Barb to support the next generation of Board Directors, and partnering with fabulous CEO Cathy Robinson.

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