An interview with Founder and Director, Bernie Shakeshaft, BackTrack

Bernie Shakeshaft


Bernie Shakeshaft is Founder and CEO of BackTrack, an organisation that gets young people ‘back on track’ by developing strong, happy & healthy foundations that result in positive life pathways and full participation in their communities.

One night, at a Macquarie Foundation event, Bernie was introduced to Elise Sernik at Leadership Space.

At the time BackTrack was navigating its leadership, people and culture by feel. As Bernie explains in this video interview, they “had money coming in, their governance was in order, but they were stretched, and they knew they couldn’t go on like that.” Bernie’s instinct told him they needed someone who understood leadership and the realities of a fast-growing youth organisation and an evolving entrepreneurial social enterprise.

As Bernie says, the work with Leadership Space was “a turning point for their organisation.”

Listen to this interview with the inspiring Bernie as describes their journey.

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