YHA and its belief in its Potential


Thinking back over the past two years, one of sectors that’s been hardest hit is tourism. It’s been a challenge that Paul McGrath, has lived intensely since he took on his first CEO role at the helm of for-purpose, low-cost accommodation organisation, YHA in April 2020.

Committed to reigniting its social purpose heart, and fuelled by the pressures of the pandemic, Paul has led a major organisational overhaul, while focusing on surviving. The work under his leadership has included a massive refinancing of YHA’s property portfolio, property divestment, a rebrand, restructure, theory of change renewal and strategy refresh. It’s been nothing short of a privilege to walk beside Paul on this journey – from his First 90 Days, to their Theory of Change, and Leadership Team sessions. There’s no question that Paul’s humility and learning mindset has been a critical asset both to him and his leadership team.

It was deeply gratifying to facilitate their latest leadership team offsite in June, in their Blue Mountains property, as they marked their second profitable month since the start of the pandemic!

A huge shout-out to Paul and the leadership team at YHA for holding on to their belief in their own, and the organisation’s potential, through some of the darkest days. If you’re committed to local environmental outcomes in beautiful parts of this country, make sure you keep your eye out as Paul and the team redefine social impact at YHA!

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